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Deputy Branch Manager Roles and Responsibilities

The Deputy Branch Manager will assist the Branch Manager in providing leadership to the bank through efficient daily operations in all areas of banking service. 

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Deputy Branch Manager Responsibilities include:

  • Achieve annual targets for branch set in AOP (Annual operative plan)

  • Make action plan, and strategize to get profit through branch operations and cross sell

  • Keep up to date with product to provide suitable advice to the customers

  • Reduce the waiting time for customers in branch

  • Increase the customer satisfaction

  • Know the value bankers (VBs) productivity and revenue generation.

  • Ensure smooth functioning of the branch and follow banking norms

  • Responsible for monitoring business, compliance and operations

  • Responsible for taking decisions that are cost effective and generate revenue

  • Monitor the branch sales targets and strategize to acquire new accounts and expand existing accounts by offering various financial products and services to the customer

Requirements :

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Excellent math and accounting skills.

  • Excellent personal and professional leadership skills.

  • Understanding of banking regulatory matters and procedures for proper operation.

  • Ability to perform various banking procedures and operations.

  • Ability to remain professional and composed under pressure.

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or similar software programs.

  • Perform leadership role

  • Discipline, positive attitude, delegation of  work in a right manner

  • Knowledge of the product, process and compliance

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